Dennis Nørmark


For a long time I had no idea whether I should work in the field of theatre or become an academic. Truth be told, I have probably ended up combining the two.


For several years I was a part of the theatre group, ‘Blot til lyst’, or in English: ‘Just for fun’, and I used to spend a lot of time teaching the art of theatre. In particular, improvisation and theatre sports, which quickly evolved into writing manuscripts for plays and even composing music for a handful of them. I was the stage director of both amateur plays and semi-professional ones and later on I was hired as a drama teacher at a couple of folk high schools.

Currently I am working on yet another play and hopefully you will be able to find more information about it on this site soon. Theatre is a great interest of mine that I haven’t nursed enough and would very much like to come back to somehow, which is why I am mentioning it here. I am still a decent stage director and actor, albeit a bit rusty.