Dennis Nørmark

Moderator at DIPD’s international conference about women in politics.


A conference, seminar or panel debate without a skillful mediator or moderator will quickly turn chaotic and lose focus and touch with the audience. I have a lot of experience in guiding the audience safely through the day at large events, keeping track of time and schedules, summarizing, and asking the most relevant questions. As a moderator I make sure to research the topic of the event very thoroughly beforehand, so as to be able to offer the most qualified and constructive feedback and ask the most relevant, challenging, and interesting questions of the speaker or presenter.  I am very present in the role of mediator and moderator but never demanding, and my highest priority is to make sure that the day is running smoothly, is well rounded, and elegantly executed.

A good moderator is one who seems as interested in the topic of the event as the audience surely will be, and in order to be able to convey that interest and devotion to the topic it is required of the mediator to be engaged and well prepared. I am very good at quickly familiarizing myself with complex topics, and skilled at summarizing long and complicated debates.

Drawing on my large network of professional acquaintances in the world of business, science and research, the media, and politics I can also be of assistance with finding the right candidates for speaking, debating, and presenting early on in the process. I know how to read a room and connect with a wide array of different audiences, and my experience ranges from mediating everything from political debates to hosting large rock concerts. You can safely leave your event in my hands.