Dennis Nørmark

Welcome to my site

In 2016, after nine years in the consultancy business, I chose to become independent once again, and to primarily earn my living from my writing and public speaking, and my many great customers in the companies and organizations that I have helped manage cultural difference and complex leadership tasks. Which you can read all about on this site…


I have made communication of anthropological knowledge my specialty, but I also provide commentary on other societal and political phenomena.

I have spent some years of my life teaching businesses to take culture, and namely cultural difference, seriously, but I am just as passionate about contributing anthropological insights in every other kind of context.

When I use my field of study, it is because anthropology, more than any other field, is capable of giving us an ‘inverted reflection’ of ourselves, of making the exotic familiar, and the familiar exotic. It is my firm belief that people behave far less rationally than we would like to think. We believe we are employing reason and logic in politics, societal issues, business, and in numerous other areas of life, but that is a delusion.

Cultural systems, ideas and mental models that we maintain in our communities stand very much in the way of our ability to think critically and independently. That is the common thread in most of my work. Which is a work of enlightenment that I take very seriously, while also attempting to make it as entertaining as possible. Since there is no reason knowledge should be boring.


Anthropologist, commentator, consultant, and author

Public speaking, consulting, text and speech