Dennis Nørmark


I am happy to offer my expertise at debates and panel discussions, where I can contribute with clear-cut arguments and to-the-point questions and answers. 

Sometimes I am typecast as a ‘conservative’ and sometimes as an expert in my field. Throughout the years I have participated in numerous panel discussions and debates, which have taken place on the radio, on television and in various community centers. I believe that when it comes to debating, it’s important to strive to understand the perspectives and insights of one’s opponents instead of blindly defending the stance that you’re invited to the debate to represent. I don’t have much patience for pointless squabbles. Instead I humbly enter the discussion with the hope that I too come out of the debate having gained more knowledge.

  I had the pleasure of being a part of the Danish Radio show called ‘The Network’ (DR's netværket) for a period of five years and I strive to bring the amicable ambiance and debating style of the show with me. In the show we touched upon matters such as difference, change, and death. In addition to partaking in the general debate in the media, I am currently writing a column for the Danish newspaper, Politiken, every third week.